Army Archerd
Credit: (Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times)

Army Archerd


Army Archerd, born Armand Andre "Army" Archerd on January 13, 1922, in The Bronx, New York, was a highly respected American journalist, columnist, and television personality. Known for his extensive coverage of the entertainment industry, Archerd played a significant role in shaping Hollywood journalism and became a trusted source for industry news and celebrity insights. Archerd's career in journalism began in the 1940s when he worked as a reporter for the trade publication Variety. Archerd's daily column, "Just for Variety," became a staple in the entertainment industry, providing readers with exclusive news, behind-the-scenes stories, and updates on the lives of Hollywood's biggest stars. Archerd's contributions extended beyond his print journalism. In 1953, he made history by becoming the first journalist to report on the Academy Award winners live on television. His on-air presence, professionalism, and insider knowledge earned him a spot as a trusted correspondent for numerous television programs, including "Entertainment Tonight." Archerd's career spanned over six decades, during which he covered significant events and milestones in Hollywood history. He reported on the emergence of iconic stars, the changing landscape of the film industry, and the cultural shifts that shaped entertainment. In recognition of his contributions, Archerd received several prestigious awards, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Entertainment Journalism Awards. His impact on the field of entertainment journalism is immeasurable, as he set the standard for ethical reporting, balanced coverage, and maintaining professional relationships. Army Archerd left behind a lasting legacy as a trailblazing journalist and beloved figure in Hollywood. His contributions to the industry will forever be remembered, as he paved the way for a new generation of entertainment journalists and set the gold standard for reporting in the world of film and celebrity.

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